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Hello and welcome to the Twin Cities Wiki!  

The Twin Cities Wiki is a collaborative, non-profit, community effort to build an information source about all things Twin Cities.  We seek to build a fun, interesting, and informative wiki that is chock full of cool information and images.  Learn more about the Twin Cities Wiki.

We are just getting the wiki started and we think you should help us out.  Take a look at our Getting Started and Wiki Community pages to learn how you can get involved.  Also feel free to send us an email at or join our Facebook discussion group if you have any questions or want to get involved.  Thanks!


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Minneapolis was home to an Infantorium in the early 1900s as a part of the Wonderland Amusement Park. An Infantorium is a infant incubator where, for a small fee, the public could see premature babies in incubators. Learn more on the Infantorium wiki page!



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September 29, 2014: The Twin Cities Wiki is about to begin a big push for developing partnerships and expanding our articles. We hope that through partnerships we can better leverage the information already out there about the Twin Cities. We also hope to enhance many of our existing articles and expand into new areas.

To accomplish all of these tasks we hope to have some in-person meetings this fall and we hope to reengage current members and recruit new members. If you like writing articles, taking pictures, leading projects, or a number of related things let us know. We want you to be a part of the Twin Cities Wiki. Shoot us an email at and check out the Getting Started page!


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